Find out more about Stison

Stison was founded to provide “best in breed”, affordable, browser-based solutions for the book publishing sector. The key aim of the company is to provide enterprise level software solutions to publishers of all sizes, effectively bringing solutions previously only available to larger organisations to all publishers! Since inception, Stison has focussed on providing intuitive and easy to use software.

Our publishing management modules help publishers to understand their business better. Track titles from concept to publication, manage metadata, export Onix, analyse sales, control rights and pay royalties. All of this is managed from a single cloud based integrated solution.

Automation ensures that the creation of AI’s, Catalogues and Tip sheets, or the distribution of bibliographic data in Onix (2.1 or 3.0) format can be done with pre-defined templates and schedules. This gives the publisher more time to manage their business and focus on the creation of great content.

Stison is a growing company with a single give small and medium sized book publishers the chance to run their systems with the same efficiency previously only available to the much larger companies.

Stison employs personnel from across the media and publishing world to provide the necessary skills and expertise. Stison continues to develop its software solutions, basing development on a combination of continuous review with feedback derived directly from the industry.

To find out more watch the short video below and feel free to schedule a zoom meeting with us to have a look at the software.