Aupresses 2019

Day 1 at the Association of University Presses Annual Meeting

What an exciting first day for Stison at the annual meeting for the Association of University Presses. A delicious gala dinner on the first night, with an inspiring speech about inclusion and diversity, kicked off what is proving to be a fruitful gathering of like-minded thinkers. As first timers here, we’ve been warmly welcomed by a range of internationally renowned university publishing companies who are titans in the field. We are in great company! 


There’s a great buzz here as guest speakers and members of AU Presses consider topical issues in academic publishing, including their responsibility to promote and dedicate efforts towards cultural diversity, transparency, open access and more. All concerns of Stison. 


Dialogues have been productive and innovative as publishers consider important issues within the field, including the rapid shift towards integrated digital publishing solutions. Publishers want more control over their data and content, and we have the technology to help them gain that.


It’s been great to learn that there are areas of similarities between both sides of the pond and more globally in terms of the industry’s key concerns, challenges and successes. And it’s encouraging to know just how much our software solutions, including our signature Title Manager and subsequent Production, Sales/Royalties and Rights Managers, can help them. Publishing is still a vibrant industry, and Stison is happy to be a part of it.