Client Day.... followed by London Book Fair 2015

Client Day

Monday 13th April 2015

Thanks to all the clients that came to our first client day. Based on comments it was a success!

We showed off some new products, Ivan O'Brien from O'Brien Press told us all how he uses Title Management, Production & Royalties and we finished the day with round tables to discuss how users use the system and where things could be better. We will be providing feedback to all those who attended so that we can provide timescales and owners for the various objectives set.

We plan to have industry specialists on our next day so we can do break out training sessions on other areas like catalogue generation. If you have any ideas for other break out sessions please let us know.

The next day was the London Book Fair

London Book Fair

Great meetings and the new venue was a success despite going in circles a few times. We hope you all had great meetings too!