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5 Things We Learned at the AUPresses Yearly Meeting

Now that the dust has settled, and we have returned to our homes and offices, Stison has been reflecting on the experience of having joined so many innovative organisations at the AUPresses Yearly Meeting, held this year in Detroit, Michigan.

The AUPresses’ annual meeting proved to be a space for creative and constructive professionals to discuss key issues in the Academic Publishing sector, celebrating previous successes and planning for future growth and challenges. We were all inspired by an incredible programme of key note speakers who helped us to push ourselves even further to becoming leaders in social mobility, change and intellectual thought.

What exactly did we learn by participating in this conference, and having the pleasure of speaking directly with the people at the coal face of this industry? We learned many new things, but here are five of what we believe to be some of the most exciting things being discussed in academic publishing:

 v  Access and Accessibility – Whilst the concern of accessible publishing is ultimately a call for equal access and social justice, it is also a promotion for content of the greatest quality and for research with the broadest impact. Libraries are standing at the forefront to promote the innovative work of academic publishers.

Academic Journals are hugely expanding. This is an exciting time for publishers who work closely with journals, and Stison is excited because our system has functionality for storing data and information specific to this part of academic publishing. We are ready and waiting to support these publishers in their work.

Cover Design and Art Processes associated with academic publishing – a lively and fun panel with key designers in the industry reflected the innovation of cover content and just how important (and exciting) it can be to get that part of the book perfectly right.

Marketing meaningfully in a digital world – presses must understand how to wield the power of social media and digital data distribution whilst maintaining the integrity of academic content. Stison is very much at the forefront of this particular item, and will continue to support academic publishers in their endeavours to supply rich metadata that reflects the quality of the work they produce, contributing to wider discourses in the field.

Collaboration and Conflict Resolution – We witnessed the power of thoughtfulrather than confrontational conversations. In an oversubscribed seminar about conflict resolution, we also saw a huge room of people learning how to take what often feels like negative criticism and making it into something positive and constructive.

Stison would like to thank AUPresses again for warmly welcoming us and the other vendors who were present to support the work of academic publishers. We very much look forward to the year ahead as we all put into practice the ideas that we discussed together. Onwards and upwards we go together in the promotion of important ideas and values as energetic, outward-facing publishing companies and their auxiliary partners.