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Start with Title Manager, and add the required Tools;Rights Manager, Royalties Manager, Production Manager as you are ready for them. Get started now and sign up for a free trial. Stison's integrated Web Management Tool is billed as a seperate module, full pricing details are included here.

Pay-As-You-Go Price List
Plan Title Manager All Publishing ModulesNo. of Allowable UsersAdd Integrated Web Module*
  No of Titles per month per month   add additional cost per Month
Grey 1 – 50 FREE USD 50.00 Unlimited** USD 65.00
Blue 51– 100 FREE USD 90.00 Unlimited** USD 75.00
Bronze 101 – 200 FREE USD 150.00 Unlimited** USD 100.00
Silver 201 – 500 USD 175.00 USD 325.00 Unlimited** USD 125.00
Gold 501 – 1000 USD 350.00 USD 600.00 Unlimited** USD 175.00
Platinum 1000 - 2000 USD 550.00 USD 800.00 Unlimited** USD 200.00
 Enterprise  Unlimited  Call for a price  Call for a price Unlimited**  Call for a price

No of Titles is total number of book titles stored in the system.

*Integrated Web Module

The integrated Web Module will incur additional charges for design and build. The nature of websites is such that without undertaking a full analysis of requirements it is not possible to provide an accurarte costing. However below are some indicative costings, that can offer a starting point for Estimations.


Basic Template      Allows for site colour changes and addition of own logo, no change to site layout From USD 2,000
Customuse Template        Allows customisation of some page layouts, but starts from a template or basic design         From USD 10,000
Custom Site Build Site built to sepcific designs, and incorporated into Stisons integrated CMS From USD 20,000
Design Cost Costs for design if using house designer From USD 2,000


** Unlimited Users

Stison will normally offer unlimited user accounts to access the system however they reserve the right to review this for organisations who have in excess of 30 concurrent users at any one time. 

Royalty configuration and Setup

For all leased systems Stison offer a setup and configuration charge for Royalties that starts at USD 300. This will allow the import of intiial data and provides training on data import. 

Advance Information Templates

Creation of custom AI sheets takes a bit of time for us. This is reflected in the costing below.

First AI USD 500
Subsequent USD 300

Order Forms

For all paid for systems Stison will create one order form for free. Subsequent order forms current template USD 75. Custom template USD 300.

Data Import

An import of data from an csv or excel file can speed up getting data into the system. Our standard charge for a bulk upload is USD 400 as long as our standard import template is used. Customised imports can be arranged, costs for this start from USD 400 and depend on the level of customisation required. This is for one import. Subsequent imports may be charged so please get your data right first time around.

Catalogue Generation

Catalogue generation is a time intensive operation. Stison can create an InDesign template based on your last catalogue, with scripting and XSLTs to generate the required XML prices start from USD 2000 depending on complexity.


Stison provide different ways of training whether on your site or at our offices.

Our standard rates for training are USD 500 per day. If this includes a trip to your offices then expenses will be charged on top of this.

Web training can also be arranged at USD 200 per session. Each session can have up to 6 users.

Half a day : Getting started with Royalties USD 500. 

Custom Development

Custom Development can be undertaken on all systems. 

Day Rate : USD 600 

Half Day : USD 300 (minimum cost)

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On commencing we require 3 months payment in advance, and you will be invoiced per quarter in advance after that. Our terms are strictly 30 days.

If you would like to talk to us, or have any questions, please call now on:

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