Improve Production Workflow

Production manager has been designed to give you control over your production schedule. It enables you to easily see what tasks are outstanding, which are complete and which are overdue. As a consequence, you can manage the business in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Key Features

  • Custom tasks and schedules with multiple dependencies
  • Assignment of tasks
  • Task & print costs, units & paper details
  • Gantt charts, status reporting

Additionally when you subscribe to production you also get Pre-Production

  • Track submissions, proposals, ideas and acquisitions.
  • Editorial workflow and manuscript time scales
  • Stop go P&L analysis
  • Notes

Custom tasks and schedules with multiple dependencies

Create as many tasks as you require. Assign the tasks to schedules so that you can easily asign products to a schedule. Change a schedule mid production and the system retains the completed and assigned tasks, eg: change from paperback schedule to crash schedule which has tighter deadlines.

Each task within a schedule can have a single or multiple dependencies so that schedule dates will adjust accordingly. The schedule task dates can then auto-populate from the chosen start date.

Easily view tasks and people

With a very visual production schedule you can see at a glance who is undertaking what tasks and by when. Get a simple view of where the potential bottle necks appear in the business workflow and solve minor issues before they become major problems.

Keep track of your costs and print run details

Each task can track estimated vs actual cost and are comprised of set up cost, number of units and unit cost. You can even enter costs in other currencies, These costs feed directly into Profit & Loss and can be reconciled against accounts and downloaded at any time.

Print runs details can be schedule based or retained separately. Each print run can store printer, estimates vs actual costs, scheduled dates vs delivery dates, ordered quantity vs delivered quantity, paper details, pre-order quantities and print run notes.

Custom reports & gantt charts, put you in control

The reporting system will allow you to define what information you want to see in the schedule and what you want to report on - Gantt charts, printer schedule report, grid reports. Configure the system to alert you via email as tasks come close or past their deadlines. Use the customisable fields to truly manage your business.

Additionally when you subscribe to production you also get Pre-Production Free

Pre-production is a means for publishers to track ideas, submissions and proposals. Designed to help with the management of the submission process and to assist in editorial review meetings.

Track submissions, proposals, ideas and acquisitions.

Keep track of submissions received and whether staff have responded to submissions received, assign responsibility and add notes as required. Use the system within review meetings to decide which proposals will go forward to the next stage and which editor "owns" the project.

Stop go Profit & Loss analysis

Create a rough profit and loss on the project with multiple outputs [paperback, hardback, ebooks, audio, etc.]. Each form can have its own quantities, costs, free copies and royalty rates. This is used to form the basis of a stop go analysis on the project and an audit of the P&L is retained so that the project can be reviewed later to analyse project variance.


Notes can be left at any point in both pre-production and production. The notes can be assigned to the person or the task. Notes are a handy way to leave a detailed audit and communicate issues between production staff and producion managers.

Complete Compatability

This is completely compatible with Stison's other product range; quickly feed back projected costs and store within the Royalties system. View reports of projected costs Vs actual costs. Link in to the Royalties Manager and see actual sales data as well.

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