Bibliographic title management for publishers

Store your bibliographic data within one system to speed up your book title management. An effective and easy to use system to generate Onix. It even creates a printable catalogue in minutes!

As a web based system there is no installation or server required. Simple to use, with little or no training needed. An effective and easy way of generating ONIX, allowing easy catalogue creation, data distribution and quick referencing.

Key features

  • Onix 2.1, Onix 3
  • Onix pre-flight tool
  • Advance Information (AI) sheets, order forms & catalogue generation
  • Custom queries
  • Automatically feed metadata & content to retailers, e-tailers and aggregators
  • Categorisation
  • Asset management
  • Customisable views and reporting
  • Content & work based views
  • Group based views & permissions
  • Bulk price update / price profiles
  • Web services / website updates
  • Contact management
  • Easy for everyone

Onix Compliant

ONIX for Books is the International standard for communicating book industry product information in electronic form. Title Manager allows you to produce Onix 2.1 & 3.0 and operates on a "set and forget" mechanism - simply set a schedule ( daily, weekly or monthly) to each receiver and all records changed since the last send are processed and distributed.

Relevance: wholesale and retail booksellers, e-tailers, aggregators, other publishers and anyone else involved in the sale of books.

Onix Pre-Flight Tool

Organising your bibliographic data production ready for distribution to aggregators and retailers can take a lot of effort. Title Manager pre-flight tool will show your organisation data ommissions and check the integrity of the data.

Keeping your bibliographic data in good shape as time moves forward remains simple with the pre-flight tool. As new titles near publication date the pre-flight tool will show you which titles are not included in Onix but should be, which titles do not have required data, etc, etc.

Advance information sheets, order forms & catalogue generation

Title Manager stores all your bibliographic data. Using the data to generate Advance Information sheets (AIs) and order forms is as simple as a few clicks. You can even use Indesign's auto flow capability to generate catalogues in a few clicks flowing in titles, ISBN, descriptions, pricing and cover images and other metadata into the correct style and position.

Custom queries

Title Manager has sophisticated reporting capabilities. The easiest mechanism to download a report is to simply click the download button and select the columns you wish to export. Additionally the system has a custom reporting engine that not only allows the user to search on data in the system but also missing data, e.g.: titles with no USD price.

Automatically feed metadata & content to retailers, e-tailers and aggregators

Not only can Title Manager send Onix, it can also send xls & csv to retailers, e-tailers and aggregators via the automatic scheduler mechanism.

The system can also use the scheduler to send metadata, content - such as epub or pdf - and cover images to ebook stores automatically.


Title Manager has several categorisation mechanisms. Familiar categorisation mechanisms such as BIC and BISAC are built in and we will provide you a full list of both BIC and Bisac Codes. Title Manager will also default filter to the most used BIC and BISAC codes on search.

As additional categorisation Title Manager also offers proprietary categorisation on subject, theme, season and tag categorisation mechanisms. These are searchable and downloadable. The main use for subject, theme and tag is to drive website menus.

Users can also create book lists for special projects which can be private or shared.

Asset management

The system can store digital content such as PDF, Epub, cover images, contracts and other content against titles, the content or the work. This can be categorised, published or hidden, published on set dates and additional descriptions set against the content. This is searchable and downloadable.

Customisable views and reporting

Each user can customise their dashboard view and title view within Title Manager. Select, for instance, contributor surnames, publication date, edition, editor, last date updated, etc. The user can also choose the columns to download which is retained so that next download the user gets the same selection as the starting column selection.

Content & work based views

The Title Manager system uses a content based view of data. Metadata can be shared between titles of the same form - so subjects, descriptions, illustration counts, publisher, imprint, etc. can be shared between similar forms such as Epub, PDF, Kindle, Paperback & Hardback. Similarly covers can be shared across forms.

Work based views are a new feature of Title Manager. Different editions of the same content can now be grouped by work. This allows us to run more realistic profit and loss on titles and to pull rights and royalties information from the work to the title.

Group based views & permissions

Every Stison product maintains an unlimited number of groups. Each group may also be assigned different menu groups, menu items and tab items. Each tab can also be made read only to allow access to data without the user being able to edit.

Bulk Price Update / Price profiles

Managing all the prices of a product can be time consuming. Price profiles simplify this process by allowing a "profile" to be applied to a product. Change the profile and all the products on the profile will have their price updated. This can be used to update a single currency or multiple currencies. 

The price profile tool can also be used to search and update prices in bulk.

Web services / website updates

Title Manager has a comprehensive set of Web Services. By using web services your corporate website can be updated near real time. Alternatively we can use an xls or csv to update remote sites. Where possible Stison automate these processes as much as possible.

Alternatively Title Manager works seamlessly with our Web Manager, Find out more...

Contact management

With Title Manager, you also get contact management facilities. Contacts can be categorised by source, market, catalogue, mail or interest. Additionally you can create your own tag categorisation structure that you can search and download from.

Easy for everyone

As a web based system there is no installation or server required. Stison spend a lot of time ensuring the system is simple to use. Your staff will be able to get started with little or no training needed. We also have comprehensive manuals or can do web based or on-site training if required.


Stison offer two different pricing models. A leased system for small to medium publishers or for larger publishers you can purchase a site license.

On the leased system you use a shared instance. We take care of the servers, backups and upgrades. The cost is monthly depending on the number of titles you have. There is no per user cost.

The site license is a one off cost for the system. This allows you to have as many users as you require. We don't charge any extra to let more people within your business use it.