Rights management for book publishers

Maintain an accurate record of rights and royalties, manage license agreements, and keep track of income and expenditure.

Key Features

  • Manage and search rights sold
  • Manage and search rights purchased
  • Content license tracking
  • Manage royalties for rights sold & follow up scheduling for chasing

Track rights sold

Rights sold can be held against a work, content or title. The system can store foreign title, destination isbn, purchaser, contracts, agreement type, negotiation status, date restrictions, reverted date, language, country and territory restrictions. Additionally you can create follow up tasks on a schedule such as annual, quarterly, monthly, etc. and store a reminder note to be used with the reminder.

If you store rights sold then we can search them. Know when rights payments are due, whether you have rights in a particular territory or language or who to chase after a book fair.

Manage and search rights purchased

We need to know what rights we have in order to be able to sell them. Enter the rights purchased from an author, another publisher or rights agent. The difference between rights purchased and sold is what is available.

Content license tracking

Image & other content rights also need to be tracked to ensure that overprints and other rights breaches do not occur. The system can retain geographic, print, electronic and date restrictions on the content. When matched with royalties costs will also flow into profit and loss.

Track your income

Clear reporting enables one click reports to be downloaded or viewed on screen. Data can be imported and exported in multiple different formats be it excel spread sheet, csv file or text document. Additionally if reminders are set the system will create chase tasks when required to remind operators to chase statements & payment for rights sold.

Fully compatible

Linking directly to Title Manager, Rights Manager will increase the ability to track royalties and rights based upon specific content within the publication or the whole publication itself.

Existing clients do get in touch for a quote to add this to your database! For new clients see our leasing or purchase costs.

Rights Manager