Track sales & instantly generate statements

Royalties Manager enables you to manage payments to your contributors, import sales and returns and store copies of the relevant contracts. Managing all this from the same system that stores bibliographic data, production scheduling and marketing costs can enable you to gain an understanding of the profitability of an individual title or Author.

Key Features

  • Easy sales import tools
  • Customisable sales types
  • Map any rule set
  • Escalators & Influencers
  • Statement & remittance generation
  • Multiple payees, withholding, VAT, GST & HST support
  • Advance payments, balance, liability, Profit & Loss reports
  • Custom rights payments
  • Sales summaries, monthly reports, pivot tables and sales breakdowns.

Easily Import Sales Data

Quickly import sales data into your system from distributors and retailers. Using our custom import solution you can match the column headings from your supplier's spreadsheets to the standard fields in your dataset. In addition, it will remember the mapping for each organisation for next time. It will even make sure that you don't import the same spreadsheet twice or sale twice.

Multiple currencies? No problem! Just supply the current conversion rate and we'll convert the value on import and even keep the original currency sale figures.

Customisable Sales Types

No matter how many different sales types you have in your royalty contracts the system can track as many sales types [home|export|audio|film|ebook|...] as you require.

Each retailer has a default sales type or alternatively each sales record may be mapped to a different sales type.

Map any rule set

Both simple & complex breaks are handled effortlessly. We've thrown as many publisher rules as we can find at the system to make sure we can track and pay royalties on all contract variants. Multiple payees escalators, cross product escalators - it's all in there.

Here are some examples:

Simple rule: 10% on all home sales.

Complex rule:
Local sales up to 50% discount:
From 0 - 4,999 copies 10%, 5,000 - 9,999 copies 12%, +10,000 copies 13%.
Over 50% discount:
From 0 - 4,999 copies 4%, +5,000 copies 5%
Over 70% discount:

Supported Break Types: Unit, Percentage, Gross Value & Net Value.

Supported Payment Types: % of net, % of gross, per unit fixed value & lump sum payment. 

Need even more complicated: more breaks, escalators, inspecition copies, payee splits... we could go on but I bet you are already bored of statements breaks that keep authors happy, but yes the system can map them, what's more there is no limit to the number of breaks or escalators you can have on a title.

Escalators & Influencers

What do we mean by an escalator? When sales volumes go up, the royalty rate may jump up a rate.

Influencers, on the other hand, are another sales type or title affecting the royalty rate of another royalty rule. E.g.: export sales may influence local/home sales thereby increasing the speed that local sales escalate. Influencers may also be set to be across titles so that for example a previous edition may influence the current edition.

Produce Clear Author Royalty & Remittance Statements

With information stored from the contract about each payment and break level you can run your sales data across this and create clear royalty statements showing copies and value in seconds. Keep your contributors happy with clear data relating to their titles. You can even track multiple configurations, for instance ebooks on six monthly & paperbacks on annual statements.

Multiple payees, withholding, VAT, GST & HST support

Each contributor may have multiple payees and each payee can be configured to increase payments to include VAT/GST/HST. Similarly, withholding tax can be automatically withheld from the totals.

Withholding on returns and fixed rate withholding can also be maintained by the system. Returns based withholding maintains an accumulated percentage for a set number of months after publication date. Fixed rate withholding removes a fixed rate from each payment to cover bank charges or similar.

Manage Payments, Advances, Balances, Liabilities, Profit & Loss

Manage advances, payments and balances with real time, and point in time reporting. Statement balances, payment and current sales can produce liability balances for your accounting records. You can also short and long pay royalties due which tracks through to the next period balance due.

Custom Rights Payments

Extract sales and custom rights sales are difficult to manage using standard royalty rules. With the Stison system you can set the payee rate for custom sales so that no rule needs be set. The custom rule bypasses the current royalty rates for the specified sales type.

Sales summaries, monthly reports, pivot tables and sales breakdowns

Once the sales data has been imported why not use it to provide some instant reporting. The system can produce monthly reports showing the retailer with highest net sales, highest returns, highest percentage discount, highest grossing series, highest grossing subject, etc. You can also download aggregated sales data into excel to perform your own pivot, vlookups & hlookups to further analyse your sales.

Include the Production Manager module and real time profit and loss can be calculated on titles at the click of a button.

Priced at a Level to Suit Your Business

As with all of Stison's products there are two ways in which you can purchase this software, as an outright capital cost, or alternatively lease the software from us and let us host it for you. In either case we aim to work with you to provide the software at a price point that you can afford.

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